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Glacial deposits often form at a high latitude

The back is formed by an arcuate cliff called the headwall.
Which area of the United States was at one time covered by a glacier?
Other sources for the rock debris in glacier ice may include rockfalls from steep slopes bordering a glacier or unconsolidated sediments overridden as a glacier advances.Drumlins are formed when glaciers move across till or rock debris.By the same process, glaciers tend to narrow the bedrock divides between the upper reaches of neighbouring parallel valleys to jagged, knife-edge ridges known as arêtes.Basal sliding is also diminished by the greater rigidity of polar ice: this reduces the rate of creep, which, in turn, reduces the ability of the more rigid ice to deform around obstacles on the glacier bed.The long profile of many fjords, including alternating basins and steps, is very similar to that of glaciated valleys.Many researchers believe that glacial erosion was especially effective at these locations because the glaciers could easily abrade the relatively soft sedimentary rocks to the south with hard, resistant crystalline rocks brought from the shield areas that lie to the north.Glaciers are big enough to pick up boulders and move them to different locations.
The temperature of glacier ice is a critical condition that affects these processes.
In most cases, gravels and boulders in outwash are rounded and do not bear striations or grooves on their surfaces, since these tend to wear off rapidly during stream transport.Such a feature is usually formed when debris from a rockfall or other large volumes of debris fall through a crevasse of a glacier and accumulate in the depression.Eskers usually form at the terminal region logo marque déposée clavier of glaciers where the flow of the glacier is sluggish in nature and is loaded with sediments.Most temperate glaciers have a basal debris zone from several centimetres to a few metres thick that contains varying amounts of rock debris in transit.It is a process known as glaciation.Well, if you picked D, then you got it right.