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Margin money deposit meaning

Margin call edit "Margin call" redirects here.
White's 1994 paper published in The American Economic Review, " Was the casino en belgique age Crash of 1929 Expected 2 all sources indicate that beginning in either late 1928 or early 1929, "margin requirements began to rise to historic new levels.
The initial cash deposited by the trader, together with the amount obtained from the sale, serve as collateral for the loan.
The minimum margin requirement is now.The customer has lost their funds and can no longer maintain the position.This is possible, because the exchange is the central counterparty to all contracts, and the number of long contracts equals the number of short contracts.If the investor fails to bring the account back into line, the broker can sell the investor's collateral securities to bring the account back into line.The current liquidating margin is currently 60 "in favour of the investor".This requires maintaining two sets of accounts, long and short.The net value (the share price minus the amount borrowed).Types of margin requirements edit The current liquidating margin is the value of a security's position if the position were liquidated now.Margin buying refers to the buying of securities with cash borrowed from a broker, using the bought securities as collateral.
Futures traders also frequently use margin, for example.
Alternatively, one can calculate P using P P 0 ( 1 initial margin requirement ) ( 1 maintenance margin requirement ) displaystyle textstyle PP_0frac (1-textinitial margin requirement 1-textmaintenance margin requirement) where P0 is the initial price of the stock.
A brokerage firm has the right to ask a customer to increase the amount of capital they have in a margin account, sell the investors securities if the broker feels their own funds are at risk, or sue the investor if they do not fulfill.Most of the exchanges today use.The broker sets an additional margin requirement of 20 pence per share, so 10 for the total position.With other financial products, the initial margin and maintenance margin will vary.This is typically an additional 1025.This is calculated as the potential loss in a worst-case scenario.On instruments determined to be especially risky, however, the regulators, the exchange, or the broker may set the maintenance requirement higher than normal or equal to the initial requirement to reduce their exposure to the risk accepted by the trader.When the total value of collateral after haircuts dips below the maintenance margin requirement, the position holder must pledge additional collateral to bring their total balance after haircuts back up to or above the initial margin requirement.

Futures are marked-to-market every day, so the current price is compared to the previous day's price.